Bouncing Back From TURN!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Turn is wild! We all can agree on that. One second you’re trashing units and then before you can blink an eye, you are three days away from move-in and crashing from your third “red bull” all-nighter. Move-in day hits, parents are crying and just like David after the dentist, you are left asking… “Why is this happening? Is this going to be forever?"

The answer to that is no. You will not feel the effects of Turn forever. From my personal experience on-site and at a corporate level, I could write a Harry Potter length novel, filled with Turn stories from across the nation. The weeks following move-in can yield many feelings, including but not limited to all words that start with a B and rhyme with “Shurnout”. Post Turn burnout is real and it is our job as leaders to gauge the shape of our team and set up a plan of action to get everyone back on track for the next leasing season. If you haven't had time to think about life after Turn - that’s okay! Bookmark this blog for when you are ready to hit the big reset button.

Step 1: 'Reflect As A Team'

Schedule a team meeting to exclusively talk about the hits, misses and milestones that occurred between move-out and move-in. Often we go through big events such as Turn without dedicating time to “process” the experience. Studies show that when we participate in experiences outside of our normal routine, there is often a lot of learning that can take place. Reflection has a positive impact on team attitudes and the lack of reflection can have long-term negative effects. During your post turn meeting take the time to answer the following questions as a team:

What did we achieve as a team? What were our highest highs? Where did we fall short OR where did the plan unravel? Do we have any team members who reached new heights? Did anyone become a master in a skill that they didn’t have before? What do we want to keep for next year? On the flip-side, what do we want to change?

Before you can move forward you have to reflect. I promise this exercise is worth it! It's wild what even 30 minutes of reflection can do for the team soul! Also - all of your lessons learned will come into play under Step 4, so make sure to keep reading.

Step 2: 'Fill Up The Gas Tanks'

Just like my car right now, you might be running on empty. To get your gauge back to the full position, know that self-care is not an option. You must make sure you are taking time to get your body and mind right. Get consistent rest, eat food that your body will thank you for, work out or meditate and get outdoors and say hello to our good friends, Sun and Air. On top of looking out for your body, make sure to not forget about your mind too! Catch up on that new season of the Netflix series you missed, watch or listen to a comedy show to make up for the few tears you cried (in my Tom Hanks voice,“There is no crying in Turn”) and for Pete’s sake...surround yourself (safely of course) with family members, pets or friends for longer than 5 seconds. Show those you love some extra attention!

At the end of the day know that you and only YOU can make the decision to bounce back from the Turn mindset. Before moving to our next step, I need you to repeat after me:

I, *insert name*, promise to stop feeding the burnout and will make myself a priority today, tomorrow and forever.

Step 3: 'Plan a team event and catch up on FUN!'

With all the blood, sweat and late nights shed over the last few weeks, know that a much-deserved congratulations is in order and it’s okay to take a predetermined afternoon/weekend to get with your team and celebrate getting over the finish line. It is no secret that projects of this size are hard work, and all teams have tackled this season like absolute pros. Feel guilty for taking an hour out of the office? Don’t. Once your Team Lead/Regional Manager has approved an event and budget - go enjoy as a team. Make some new memories and have fun! It doesn’t take a lot of money to go enjoy a team event (...some events below are even free!)

Some post-turn event ideas:

Team dinner at a local restaurant patio, outdoor team movie night, team hike or kayak trip, mini golf, volunteer together, virtual floral arrangement party, etc.

Step 4: 'Start Thinking About Post Turn Goals'

So at this point, you have reflected, refueled your tanks and celebrated your accomplishments! Spirits should be high (or at least higher than they would have been before Steps 1, 2 and 3). We have hit the point where we can put 2020’s Turn in the rear view mirror and start forward looking to the future of leasing, marketing, collecting money and can we say...planning for Turn 2021?

As you plan for the future make sure that you focus on implementing your ‘lessons learned’ from your reflection exercise. Strive to be more prepared, participate in units walks earlier and more frequent this year, replace damaged items now, start looking for vendors (if this year wasn’t great), control renewal transfers/set limits and learn your systems inside and out.

Turn can be controlled and can get better every year if you take this time to reflect and implement practices that will help you throughout the year. Setting the tone and being proactive today will help squash burnout in months to come.

For our late markets who are still turning, keep pushing. We will see you on the other side!

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