SFive Turn Award Winners

Over the last few weeks, SFive has been collecting nominations for our first annual Turn Awards. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year's categories: Best Team Performance, Office MVP, and Facilities MVP. 2020 will go down in the history books and we heard so many powerful stories that deserve to be shared. Please join us in congratulating our winners! Drum roll, please.....

2020 Best Team Performance: Irish Flats, Coastal Ridge.

From the nomination card: "Notre Dame adjusted their semester start date by around two weeks. With move out the 31st, the team turned their 100% pre-leased community in minimal time to get their residents moved in before classes started. This team also oversees two communities and both communities have two lease terms- a June start date and an August start date. They essentially spent all summer in turn mode. Irish Flats moved in all residents with zero back fills required. This team has the MOST positive attitude truly through any situation and remained positive and focused through their insane one week turn.

2020 Office MVP: Amanda Tanner - Leasing Manager. Millennium Apartments, Student Quarters.

From the nomination card: "When it comes to supporting and training their peers regardless of the ever-increasing responsibilities at their own site, no other person stands out more than Amanda Tanner. Just short of fixing a broken air conditioner, Amanda can do it all with a smile. SQ looks forward to Amanda’s future. We appreciate her hard work and leadership through Turn 2020! "

2020 Facilities MVP: Micah Coffin - Maintenance Supervisor. VACP, Scion Group.

From the nomination card: "Micah is the hardest worker and goes above and beyond for not only his residents but anyone he comes in contact with. As we all know, Turn is the toughest time of year and he puts his best foot forward year after year. Having new challenges dealing with COVID, Micah never once complained and made the most of each day. A lot of times our maintenance teams go unnoticed but Micah really delivers at all times in all aspects. He deserves the award!"

Each of our winners will be taking home a wellness prize courtesy of SFive.

Congrats to all in the industry for finishing the year strong! SFive is rooting for you!

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